Please respect the rules!

We strictly regulate the use of mandatory and prohibited equipment! This will be checked randomly when entering the start zone, reaching the finish line and also on the course.

Runners will not receive any information prior to the race about:

  • the distance of the race
  • the duration of the race
  • the number and location of refreshment points (CPs)

Runners will be informed only at the CPs about:

  • the distance (in km) to the next CP
  • the time limit to reach the next CP
  • the closing time of the current CP and the next CP

At CPs, an alarm clock indicates the current time and rings when the cut-off time expires.

The staff will not provide any other information to the runner as they do not know anything about the course, either. At the last CP, before the finish, the staff will notify the runners that the next CP is the finish point.

Please note: Black Hole Ultra Race does not have qualification criterias, but the cut-off times are strict. The race is recommended only for runners who can easily run 100 km within 12 hours!

Mandatory equipment:

  • headlamp
  • visibility vests or clothes with a reflective surface at the front and back
  • water bottle or flask

Prohibited equipment:

  • cell phone
  • watch (sport, running, normal)
  • GPS device
  • any accessory that shows location and time
  • running vest with pockets or any running backpack
  • waist belt bag, free belt
  • mp3 player, earphone, headphone
  • heart rate monitor
  • map
  • running poles, Nordic walking sticks
  • wristband (for phone or pills)
  • any medicine, painkillers, etc.
  • any kind of running gels
  • any food or beverage (except: see below)*

It is forbidden to accompany the racers, to pace run with them, to provide any information, aid or equipment from outside!

Organizers allow the following besides the basic running gear (shoes, socks, pants, T-shirts)

  • 1 jacket
  • 1 cap, bandana and pair of gloves
  • *something that the runner can carry in his hand or pocket. It can only be a piece of clothes (such as a folded nylon raincoat) or a personal refreshment drink.

Organizers provide:

  • rich refreshment table (also with options for gluten, dairy sensitivities, vegetarian, vegan, etc.)
  • gels and iso drinks
  • GPS-trackers with panic button
  • chip timing
  • hot meal and T-shirts at the finish